We send therapists to any home in the United Kingdom. Whether you’re looking for a sports massage, Cupping Therapy, Acupuncture, Dy Needling, Pregnancy Massage and so much more. We have you covered!

  • “I used them during pre launch in my local area and have to say it was a fantastic service. Lisa arrived 15 minutes prior to understand my problem and had a great interest in my recovery.”
    Maria Poska
    MyHomeTherapy Trialist
  • “Cant wait for them to launch. I have already set up a plan to use them once every two weeks.”
    Steven Forester
    MyHomeTherapy Trialist
  • “Brilliant Service! Was very quick and easy. I hope the official launch and service will be the same. I cant wait!”
    Hayley Smith
    MyHomeTherapy Trialist